Human Impacts

Laura Hess

My research focuses on remote sensing, field, and modeling studies in order to quantify key drivers of land cover and land use change on the lower Amazon floodplain.

David Siegel

Research Interests: Interdisciplinary oceanography investigating physical, biological, optical and biogeochemical couplings on micro to ocean basin scales. Specifically, satellite ocean color remote sensing and optical oceanography, scale interaction in ecological and population systems, role of radiative exchange in air-sea interactions, and data information systems.

John Melack

My research emphasizes ecological processes in lakes, wetlands, and streams, and hydrological and biogeochemical aspects of catchments. He has conducted multi-year studies in eastern Africa, tropical South America and California, including research at Mono Lake, on Amazon wetlands and their ecology, on high-elevation ecosystems in the Sierra Nevada, and on the hydrology and solutes of streams bordering the Santa Barbara Channel. He is an elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union and American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Sally MacIntyre

My research investigates the physical limnology of lakes and the biogeochemical and ecological consequences of changes in mixing dynamics. Studies are ongoing in Arctic and Subarctic lakes, Mono Lake, CA, and tropical lakes in East Africa and the Amazon Basin. My group also investigates the pathways of stream inflows into the coastal zone.

Arturo Keller

Dr. Keller's research focuses on the sustainable use of chemicals and materials in our modern society, by understanding and quantifying their potential impacts, and seeking ways to minimize impacts while achieving the benefits. He is particularly interested in emerging materials such as nanoparticles and biochemicals, for which little information is available. He also does work at large scales to design better management strategies for common chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides.

Patricia Holden

Patricia (Trish) Holden ‘s background is in civil/environmental engineering and soil microbiology. Her research cross-cuts these fields, with current projects regarding the interactive effects of soil, water, and nutrients on deep-soil bacterial processes, bacterial interactions with engineered nanomaterials in soil and water, and microbiological coastal water quality in urban environments.


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