David Williams

Postdoctoral Scholar
Globally, agriculture is the greatest threat to biodiversity and a major contributor to anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Both pressures will increase over coming decades as populations and per capita consumption increase. How we choose to produce food will therefore, to a large extent, determine the state of biodiversity and the wider environment in the 21st Century. I am a conservation scientist interested in finding ways to balance the demands of food production and biodiversity conservation. After a fieldwork-heavy PhD at the University of Cambridge in the UK, supervised by Prof. Andrew Balmford, I am now working with Prof. David Tilman using large datasets to explore the ultimate drivers of biodiversity loss, and how we can work to reduce them. I'm also interested in working to make conservation more evidence-based, having worked with Prof. Bill Sutherland on the project ConservationEvidence. I am always interested in collaborations, particularly with people with expertise I lack, such as agronomists, economists and political and social scientists.

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