2017 ERI Fellowships

Year: 2017
Name Title Year
Adams, Jenna Origin of high Ti ocean island basalts: Development of a thermodynamic model for mixing in garnet crystalline solutions incorporating the Ti-rich end-member, morimotoite (Ca3(Ti,Fe)Si3O12) and the high pressure end-member, majorite (Mg4Si4O12) 2017
Alessio, Paul Rates, Patterns, and Processes of Seacliff Erosion in Santa Barbara, California 2017
Bagnell, Aaron A new multi-calibrated temperature dataset for estimating ocean heat content 2017
Briggs, Sophie Linking zircon age to metamorphic stage using U-Pb/REE depth-profiling of zircon 2017
Browne, Nicoletta Christina Petrogenesis of late-stage, high-K magmas within a continental arc: insights from petrographic studies 2017
Edwards, Mark Strontium isotopes in OIB-hosted plagioclase 2017
Erickson, Elizabeth Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd geochronology of eclogites (Miller Range, Antarctica): Modeling subduction and exhumation along the paleo-Pacific Gondwana margin 2017
Feraud, Marina The soil microbiome in stormwater natural treatment systems: influence of pollutant buildup and environmental conditions 2017
Gamelin, Brandi South America ozone variability related to large-scale climate drivers using AIRS and MERRA-2 2017
Goto, Erica Akemi Landslides in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil: An Analysis of Risk and Exposure 2017
Hagerty, Shannon Assessing variability of microbial allocation parameters across soils of different textures 2017
Holder, Robert Ultrahigh-pressure and ultrahigh-temperature metamorphic rocks in the Bohemian Massif 2017
Kefela, Timnit Assessment of nanomaterial uptake and depuration kinetics in protozoa by image analysis 2017
Krell, Natasha Real-time monitoring of climate variability and farmer decision-making: Preliminary analysis of rainfall heterogeneity in central Kenya 2015-2017 2017
Montini, Tessa How well do modern reanalyses simulate the South America Low-Level Jet? 2017
Morel, Daniel Quaternary Chronology and Uplift of Gaviota Coast Marine Terraces near Santa Barbara, California 2017
Nelson, Zack Depositional Facies of Devereux Slough 2017
Osleger, Dillon Estuarine Response to Disturbance: A Holocene Record of Storm Episodes, and Seismicity as Preserved in Coastal Systems 2017
Reinhard, Andrew The Geochemical Evolution of a Samoan Shield Volcano: Evidence from a 644 meter drill core from Tutuila Volcano, American Samoa 2017
Reynolds, Laura Coastal flooding and the 1861-2; Holocene coseismic subsidence along a non-subducting active margin; Coastal evidence for contemporaneous Holocene pluvials throughout the southwestern North America 2017
Schultheis, Laura Drake Using remote sensing to track drought-related dieback of a dominant chaparral species 2017
Slessarev, Eric Linking soil carbon and nitrogen mobilization after wetting events 2017
Tuholske, Cascade Urban Food Security 2017
Wibbenmeyer, Matthew Burning down the house: Wildfire and the benefits of natural disaster mitigation 2017
Woltz, Tina Influences of Total Organic Carbon on the Preservation of Precambrian Organic-walled Microfossils 2017