2016 ERI Fellowships

Year: 2016
Name Title Year
Adams, Jenna Generation of mantle heterogeneity introduced by subduction: A phase equilibria and geochemical analysis of mantle source mixing and its impact on ocean island magma genesis 2016
Alessio, Paul Fundamental Processes of Sea Cliff Change 2016
Arce, Adam Waveform constraints on large intermediate-depth fault geometry: northern Marianas Subduction Zone case study 2016
Bradley, Darcy Combatting illegal fishing, one high value fishery at a time 2016
Briggs, Sophie U-Pb and trace element depth-profiling of Alpine Schist zircon: constraining tectonic processes during the late stages of Gondwana breakup 2016
Browne, Nicoletta Ross Orogeny dike swarms, Wright Valley, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Insights from U-Pb geochronology and whole-rock geochemistry 2016
Cannon, Forest Using Satellite Products to Improve High Resolution Regional Modeling of Precipitation in High Mountain Asia 2016
Erickson, Elizabeth Ross orogeny magmatism in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Insights from U-Pb geochronology, Hf isotopes, and whole rock geochemistry 2016
Feraud, Marina Metal buildup in stormwater bioswales: effects of land use and impacts to microbial communities 2016
Gamelin, Brandi: Deep Convective Events Influence Ozone Variability in Southeast South America 2016
Garber, Joshua Whole-Rock Data Reduction Routine 2016
Goto, Erica Akemi Landslides in Petrópolis, Brazil: An Analysis of Risk and Exposure 2016
Hagerty, Shannon Using Data to inform Soil Microbial Carbon Model Structure and Parameters 2016
Heidinger, Haline Influence of MJO–ENSO on Rainfall over Central and Southern Peruvian Andes 2016
Hudson, Kenneth In Situ observations of site response during and after nonlinear soil behavior has occurred 2016
Hughey, Lacey Remotely sensing hot spots of disease transmission between livestock and wildlife 2016
McAtamney, Janelle Effects of high temperature (>650ºC) recrystallization on Titanium diffusion in quartz: Considerations for quantitative techniques within a deformed crystal lattice 2016
Monteagudo, Minda M. Reducing the uncertainty of Mg/Ca paleothermometry 2016
Montini, Tessa Climatology of the South American Low-Level Jet from Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR) 2016
Neilson, Ryan Thermodynamic Mixing along the Plagioclase Liquid Join 2016
Nelson, Demian Antarctic volcanic glasses record the most depleted hydrogen isotopes ever measured in terrestrial rocks or minerals 2016
Ribeiro, Fernanda Classification Map Of The Major Terrestrial Ecosystems Of The Cerrado Biome: A Study In A Priority Area For Conservation 2016
Shaffer, Madeline Reconstructing the evolution of the Pamir lower crust: Zircon U-Pb and trace-element petrochronology of Pamir xenoliths 2016
Wang, Frank Carbon Dioxide and Methane Emissions from Diverse Zones of a California Salt Marsh 2016
Wang, Ying Probing Carbonaceous Nanomaterial Effects on Nitrogen Fixation of Soil-Grown Soybean 2016
Wibbenmeyer, Matthew Burning down the house: Wildfire suppression and distributional effects of responses to natural disasters 2016
Wilson, Jared Quantification of stream recharge using continuous 222Rn measurements during a storm 2016
Zilli, Marcia Impact Of Observed Circulation Changes In Precipitation Occurrence In Southeastern Brazil 2016