2015 ERI Fellowships

Year: 2015
Name Title Year
Alessio, Paul Characterizing the Spatial Variability of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity in Historic Landslides to Determine Thresholds for Instability at Sedgwick Ranch, Ca. 2015
Brandt, Ty Snow accumulation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA 2015
Briggs, Sophie The P-T history of the Alpine Schist, New Zealand: constraining tectonic processes during the late stages of Gondwana breakup 2015
Feraud, Marina Nutrient removal in stormwater bioswales: impacts of accumulated pollutants in sediments 2015
Fredrickson, Shelby A Geomorphic Investigation of the Transition between the Santa Barbara and Ventura Fold Belts near Rincon Point, California 2015
Heidinger, Haline Assessment of satellite-derived and modeled rainfall estimations over the Peruvian Andes 2015
Henderikx Freitas, Fernanda Surface waves as major controls on particulate backscattering distributions in the California Coast 2015
Hill, Aaron The influence of stream channel morphology on the saturated hydraulic conductivity of the Santa Ynez River, Southern California: Implications for groundwater recharge 2015
McAtamney, Janelle Characterizing and identifying the nature and location of the Main Central Thrust (MCT) across the Himalaya 2015
Nelson, Demian Age and source of the Hanson Formation, Antarctica— unlocking the Early Jurassic history of Gondwana 2015
Oyewole, Michelle Application rate of multiple organic amendments controls N2O, CH4, and CO2 emissions at a Southern Californian organic farm 2015
Rolle, Jenna Small Shelly Fossils of the Meishucunian Dailibaoqing Section in Yunnan, China 2015
Valovcin, Annie Monitoring hurricanes with a dense seismic array: Joint Inversion of Seismic and Barometric Data for Surface-Pressure Source 2015
Wang, Frank Greenhouse gas emissions from wetland soils on the Central Coast of California: Patterns and Mechanisms 2015
Wang, Ying Comparative Effects of Carbonaceous Nanomaterials on Soil-Grown Soybeans 2015
Welch, Zoe Developing toxicity screening for assessment of potential soil fertility disruption using Cu-nanoparticulate biocides and the agriculturally-relevant, candidate organism Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA110. 2015
Zilli, Marcia Evaluation of the Relation Between Heavy Precipitation Events and Sacz Over Southeastern Brazil 2015