2014 ERI Fellowships

Year: 2014
Name Title Year
Brandt, W. Tyler Seasonal Snow in High Mountain Asia 2014
Briggs, Sophie Timing and duration of Barrovian metamorphism in the Alpine Schist, New Zealand: Constraints from Lu-Hf garnet and U-Th-Pb monazite geochronology 2014
Bufe, Aaron Controls on the lateral erosion of a local uplift by alluvial rivers; a physical model 2014
Crempien, Jorge Inclusion of High-Frequency Scattering in Synthetic Seismograms 2014
Feraud, Marina Dry and wet weather infiltration in urban areas: implications for shallow groundwater quality 2014
Hanan, Erin Microbial responses to pH, N availability, and charcoal along a wildfire-induced age gradient 2014
Harris, Sarah Creating a tool for atmospheric river identification 2014
Harvey, Jonathan Cataloguing natural and anthropogenic erosion in the San Gregorio Creek watershed, California 2014
Kim, Junyeol Assessing the Role of Preferential Feeding Behavior of Caenorhabditis elegans on Impacts of Carbon Nanotubes 2014
Marchus, Kenneth Soils In A Drought-Stricken State… What Is A Microbe To Do? 2014
McCullough, Ian The Last Stand: Climate Change Impacts on Remnant Mountain Conifers in Southern California 2014
Nelson, Demian High-resolution geochronology of the Butcher Ridge Igneous Complex – insight into the timing and duration of the Ferrar Large Igneous Province 2014
Oyewole, Michelle Effect of Compost Application Rate on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Organic Agroecosystems: Biogeochemical Analyses and Policy Implications 2014
Steel, Elisabeth Flood-Derived Sand Lobes on the Shelf of the Santa Barbara Channel, Southern California 2014
Stripe, Miranda A Tubular Middle Cambrian Fossil of Georgina Basin, Australia 2014
Urbisci, Laura Effects of Nanoparticle-based Antifouling Coatings on Marine biodiversity 2014
Welch, Zoe Investigating metal oxide nanoparticle impacts upon bacterial nitrogen-fixation in soil systems 2014
Wyant, Abby Abiotic Seawater Silicon Sources and the First Appearance of Siliceous Taxa in the Cretaceous 2014
Zilli, Marcia Frequency Analysis of Extreme Events Based on Precipitation Station Data over Southeastern Brazil 2014