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Year: 2019
Year Type Name Title
2019 New AAFake, AAFake grad
Year: 2018
Year Type Name Title
2018 ERI Anderson, Olivia Mantle heterogeneity recorded by Sr isotopes in Mauna Loa olivine-hosted melt inclusions with unusual trace element fingerprints
2018 ERI Johnson, Alex Delineation of Multiple Metamorphic Events in the Himalayan Kathmandu Complex, Central Nepal
2018 ERI Romich, Trevor Abiotic Photodegradation and Water Solubility of Grass Litter
2018 ERI Wang, Ying Carbonaceous Nanomaterial Effects on Soybean Metabolism and Nitrogen Economy
Year: 2017
Year Type Name Title
2017 Adams, Jenna Origin of high Ti ocean island basalts: Development of a thermodynamic model for mixing in garnet crystalline solutions incorporating the Ti-rich end-member, morimotoite (Ca3(Ti,Fe)Si3O12) and the high pressure end-member, majorite (Mg4Si4O12)
2017 Alessio, Paul Rates, Patterns, and Processes of Seacliff Erosion in Santa Barbara, California
2017 Bagnell, Aaron A new multi-calibrated temperature dataset for estimating ocean heat content
2017 Briggs, Sophie Linking zircon age to metamorphic stage using U-Pb/REE depth-profiling of zircon
2017 Browne, Nicoletta Christina Petrogenesis of late-stage, high-K magmas within a continental arc: insights from petrographic studies
2017 Edwards, Mark Strontium isotopes in OIB-hosted plagioclase
2017 Erickson, Elizabeth Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd geochronology of eclogites (Miller Range, Antarctica): Modeling subduction and exhumation along the paleo-Pacific Gondwana margin
2017 Feraud, Marina The soil microbiome in stormwater natural treatment systems: influence of pollutant buildup and environmental conditions
2017 Gamelin, Brandi South America ozone variability related to large-scale climate drivers using AIRS and MERRA-2
2017 Goto, Erica Akemi Landslides in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil: An Analysis of Risk and Exposure
2017 Hagerty, Shannon Assessing variability of microbial allocation parameters across soils of different textures
2017 Holder, Robert Ultrahigh-pressure and ultrahigh-temperature metamorphic rocks in the Bohemian Massif
2017 Kefela, Timnit Assessment of nanomaterial uptake and depuration kinetics in protozoa by image analysis
2017 Krell, Natasha Real-time monitoring of climate variability and farmer decision-making: Preliminary analysis of rainfall heterogeneity in central Kenya 2015-2017
2017 ERI Montini, Tessa How well do modern reanalyses simulate the South America Low-Level Jet?
2017 Morel, Daniel Quaternary Chronology and Uplift of Gaviota Coast Marine Terraces near Santa Barbara, California
2017 Nelson, Zack Depositional Facies of Devereux Slough
2017 Osleger, Dillon Estuarine Response to Disturbance: A Holocene Record of Storm Episodes, and Seismicity as Preserved in Coastal Systems
2017 Reinhard, Andrew The Geochemical Evolution of a Samoan Shield Volcano: Evidence from a 644 meter drill core from Tutuila Volcano, American Samoa
2017 Reynolds, Laura Coastal flooding and the 1861-2; Holocene coseismic subsidence along a non-subducting active margin; Coastal evidence for contemporaneous Holocene pluvials throughout the southwestern North America
2017 Schultheis, Laura Drake Using remote sensing to track drought-related dieback of a dominant chaparral species
2017 ERI Slessarev, Eric Linking soil carbon and nitrogen mobilization after wetting events
2017 Tuholske, Cascade Urban Food Security
2017 Wibbenmeyer, Matthew Burning down the house: Wildfire and the benefits of natural disaster mitigation
2017 Woltz, Tina Influences of Total Organic Carbon on the Preservation of Precambrian Organic-walled Microfossils
Year: 2016
Year Type Name Title
2016 Adams, Jenna Generation of mantle heterogeneity introduced by subduction: A phase equilibria and geochemical analysis of mantle source mixing and its impact on ocean island magma genesis
2016 Alessio, Paul Fundamental Processes of Sea Cliff Change
2016 Arce, Adam Waveform constraints on large intermediate-depth fault geometry: northern Marianas Subduction Zone case study
2016 Bradley, Darcy Combatting illegal fishing, one high value fishery at a time
2016 Briggs, Sophie U-Pb and trace element depth-profiling of Alpine Schist zircon: constraining tectonic processes during the late stages of Gondwana breakup
2016 Browne, Nicoletta Ross Orogeny dike swarms, Wright Valley, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Insights from U-Pb geochronology and whole-rock geochemistry
2016 Cannon, Forest Using Satellite Products to Improve High Resolution Regional Modeling of Precipitation in High Mountain Asia
2016 Erickson, Elizabeth Ross orogeny magmatism in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Insights from U-Pb geochronology, Hf isotopes, and whole rock geochemistry
2016 ERI Feraud, Marina Metal buildup in stormwater bioswales: effects of land use and impacts to microbial communities
2016 ERI Gamelin, Brandi: Deep Convective Events Influence Ozone Variability in Southeast South America
2016 Garber, Joshua Whole-Rock Data Reduction Routine
2016 Goto, Erica Akemi Landslides in Petrópolis, Brazil: An Analysis of Risk and Exposure
2016 ERI Hagerty, Shannon Using Data to inform Soil Microbial Carbon Model Structure and Parameters
2016 Heidinger, Haline Influence of MJO–ENSO on Rainfall over Central and Southern Peruvian Andes
2016 Hudson, Kenneth In Situ observations of site response during and after nonlinear soil behavior has occurred
2016 Hughey, Lacey Remotely sensing hot spots of disease transmission between livestock and wildlife
2016 McAtamney, Janelle Effects of high temperature (>650ºC) recrystallization on Titanium diffusion in quartz: Considerations for quantitative techniques within a deformed crystal lattice
2016 Monteagudo, Minda M. Reducing the uncertainty of Mg/Ca paleothermometry
2016 Montini, Tessa Climatology of the South American Low-Level Jet from Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR)
2016 Neilson, Ryan Thermodynamic Mixing along the Plagioclase Liquid Join
2016 Nelson, Demian Antarctic volcanic glasses record the most depleted hydrogen isotopes ever measured in terrestrial rocks or minerals
2016 Ribeiro, Fernanda Classification Map Of The Major Terrestrial Ecosystems Of The Cerrado Biome: A Study In A Priority Area For Conservation
2016 Shaffer, Madeline Reconstructing the evolution of the Pamir lower crust: Zircon U-Pb and trace-element petrochronology of Pamir xenoliths
2016 ERI Wang, Frank Carbon Dioxide and Methane Emissions from Diverse Zones of a California Salt Marsh
2016 Wang, Ying Probing Carbonaceous Nanomaterial Effects on Nitrogen Fixation of Soil-Grown Soybean
2016 Wibbenmeyer, Matthew Burning down the house: Wildfire suppression and distributional effects of responses to natural disasters
2016 Wilson, Jared Quantification of stream recharge using continuous 222Rn measurements during a storm
2016 Zilli, Marcia Impact Of Observed Circulation Changes In Precipitation Occurrence In Southeastern Brazil
Year: 2015
Year Type Name Title
2015 Alessio, Paul Characterizing the Spatial Variability of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity in Historic Landslides to Determine Thresholds for Instability at Sedgwick Ranch, Ca.
2015 Brandt, Ty Snow accumulation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA
2015 Briggs, Sophie The P-T history of the Alpine Schist, New Zealand: constraining tectonic processes during the late stages of Gondwana breakup
2015 Feraud, Marina Nutrient removal in stormwater bioswales: impacts of accumulated pollutants in sediments
2015 Fredrickson, Shelby A Geomorphic Investigation of the Transition between the Santa Barbara and Ventura Fold Belts near Rincon Point, California
2015 Heidinger, Haline Assessment of satellite-derived and modeled rainfall estimations over the Peruvian Andes
2015 Henderikx Freitas, Fernanda Surface waves as major controls on particulate backscattering distributions in the California Coast
2015 Hill, Aaron The influence of stream channel morphology on the saturated hydraulic conductivity of the Santa Ynez River, Southern California: Implications for groundwater recharge
2015 McAtamney, Janelle Characterizing and identifying the nature and location of the Main Central Thrust (MCT) across the Himalaya
2015 Nelson, Demian Age and source of the Hanson Formation, Antarctica— unlocking the Early Jurassic history of Gondwana
2015 Oyewole, Michelle Application rate of multiple organic amendments controls N2O, CH4, and CO2 emissions at a Southern Californian organic farm
2015 Rolle, Jenna Small Shelly Fossils of the Meishucunian Dailibaoqing Section in Yunnan, China
2015 Valovcin, Annie Monitoring hurricanes with a dense seismic array: Joint Inversion of Seismic and Barometric Data for Surface-Pressure Source
2015 Wang, Frank Greenhouse gas emissions from wetland soils on the Central Coast of California: Patterns and Mechanisms
2015 Wang, Ying Comparative Effects of Carbonaceous Nanomaterials on Soil-Grown Soybeans
2015 Welch, Zoe Developing toxicity screening for assessment of potential soil fertility disruption using Cu-nanoparticulate biocides and the agriculturally-relevant, candidate organism Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA110.
2015 Zilli, Marcia Evaluation of the Relation Between Heavy Precipitation Events and Sacz Over Southeastern Brazil
Year: 2014
Year Type Name Title
2014 Brandt, W. Tyler Seasonal Snow in High Mountain Asia
2014 Briggs, Sophie Timing and duration of Barrovian metamorphism in the Alpine Schist, New Zealand: Constraints from Lu-Hf garnet and U-Th-Pb monazite geochronology
2014 Bufe, Aaron Controls on the lateral erosion of a local uplift by alluvial rivers; a physical model
2014 Crempien, Jorge Inclusion of High-Frequency Scattering in Synthetic Seismograms
2014 Feraud, Marina Dry and wet weather infiltration in urban areas: implications for shallow groundwater quality
2014 Hanan, Erin Microbial responses to pH, N availability, and charcoal along a wildfire-induced age gradient
2014 Harris, Sarah Creating a tool for atmospheric river identification
2014 Harvey, Jonathan Cataloguing natural and anthropogenic erosion in the San Gregorio Creek watershed, California
2014 Kim, Junyeol Assessing the Role of Preferential Feeding Behavior of Caenorhabditis elegans on Impacts of Carbon Nanotubes
2014 Marchus, Kenneth Soils In A Drought-Stricken State… What Is A Microbe To Do?
2014 McCullough, Ian The Last Stand: Climate Change Impacts on Remnant Mountain Conifers in Southern California
2014 Nelson, Demian High-resolution geochronology of the Butcher Ridge Igneous Complex – insight into the timing and duration of the Ferrar Large Igneous Province
2014 Oyewole, Michelle Effect of Compost Application Rate on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Organic Agroecosystems: Biogeochemical Analyses and Policy Implications
2014 ERI Steel, Elisabeth Flood-Derived Sand Lobes on the Shelf of the Santa Barbara Channel, Southern California
2014 Stripe, Miranda A Tubular Middle Cambrian Fossil of Georgina Basin, Australia
2014 ERI Urbisci, Laura Effects of Nanoparticle-based Antifouling Coatings on Marine biodiversity
2014 Welch, Zoe Investigating metal oxide nanoparticle impacts upon bacterial nitrogen-fixation in soil systems
2014 Wyant, Abby Abiotic Seawater Silicon Sources and the First Appearance of Siliceous Taxa in the Cretaceous
2014 Zilli, Marcia Frequency Analysis of Extreme Events Based on Precipitation Station Data over Southeastern Brazil
Year: 2013
Year Type Name Title
2013 Hazards Ding, Luyuan Stress drop: a fundamental parameter in earthquake source-scaling properties
2013 Hazards Harris, Sarah Identifying the characteristics of storms causing extreme precipitation in southern California
2013 Hazards Harrison, Laura Monitoring growing season surface heat anomalies in East Africa
2013 Hazards McAtamney, Janelle Contributing to understanding natural hazards: Volcanic arc eruptions of Eastern California
2013 Hazards McNally, Amy Using soil moisture estimates to identify agricultural drought in West Africa
2013 Hazards Neilson, Ryan Volatile Exsolution Studies for Volcanic Hazards Using the Magma Chamber Simulator
2013 Hazards Potapenko, John Research Progress: Erosion and Channel Incision Analysis with High-Resolution Lidar
2013 Hazards Reynolds, Laura Evidence of the 1812 Tsunami and Holocene Subsidence in Carpinteria Marsh
2013 Hazards Romero, Boleslo Natural hazards associated with topographic relief, terrain features, flooding, and coastal inundation
2013 Hazards Smith, Taylor Developing an algorithm to extract debris-covered glacial tongues from spectral remote-sensing imagery